LABELCO A/S is BRCGS Certified

LABELCO A/S is certified according to the BRC Global Standard for Packaging Materials with the highest grade (AA). This ensure that you, as a customer, are sure to always receive labels that fulfils some of the industry’s highest requirements for quality and food safety.

The BRCGS standard sets detailed requirements for procedures and systems, so we can deliver labels that are of high quality, within regulations and adheres to customer demands.

The BRCGS have requirement for hygiene, quality assurance, quality control, KPIs, control of non-conformity, handling of documents, qualifications of personal, supplier  approval and transport of labels from our site to the customer. To fulfil the requirements of the BRCGS standard we have a constant focus on improving and developing our procedures, systems, documentation as well as our products.

You can see or latest grade and audit date can be seen on the BRCGS website our you can download our latest certificate here:


BRCGS Packaging and Packaging Materials Certicated