hdflexocert.jpgWe are HD Flexo certified in cooperation with HL-repro

It is essential and a natural part of our DNA as a company, to constantly maintain and develop our printing quality. That is why we are HD Flexo certified. Labels produced in HD Flexo quality results in better print quality compared to conventional print. HD Flexo consists of so-called "HD 4000 dpi" which delivers more accurate and clear visualizing of text, line and illustrations. With the higher solution, the technique also delivers more clearly defined and better formed rasters because they are defined of many more pixels.

Conventional digital flexo was made with 2540 x 2540 = 6,5 million pixels per square inch. The rounder / homogenous raster-form means that they are more stable at printing, which results in longer print-rounds with the same plate, less print stops for washing and better productivity.

And maybe most important of all: HD assessment places both large and small rasters in illuminated areas in order to expand the tone-interval to a much smaller percentage value than what was previously possible with digital flexo. A soft vignette transition through the illuminated areas to "zero" without visible, hard edges was always the goal for plate producers and flexo printers. With HD Flexo, we are closer to this goal than ever before.

Our latest certificate is seen below.