LABELCO A/S offers a wide range of options in self-adhesive labels, and helps with everything from choice of material and product application to problem-solving and design. Products are printed in both Flexo (water and UV) and Digital inkjet on all paper fronts, cardboard sleeves and environmental certified materials, plus synthetic- and plastic materials. Our range of products is wide and expands continuously with new exciting materials.

To mention a few examples, some of our popular types of labels are 2-layered labels that work well for campaigns or incorporated recipes. Foil-quality is used when your label has to have extra visual attraction and a beautiful touch. Adhesive-sided print is genius for transparent packaging products where having text on both sides is an advantage - for example on the lid of a pate-tray. We offer these, as well as many more types of self-adhesive labels.

Give us a call - and we will go through your needs, and help you find the right design, of the right materials and to the right price and delivery time.